In order to present our innovative products, we must first make a dutiful presentation of the connection systems currently on the market.


The polymer expansion connectors allow the joining of metal pipes to each other or to other elements (for example plates).

These connectors are inserted inside the pipes, with interference, forcing the connector inside the pipe.

The friction generated between the connector and the pipe wall guarantees a certain tensile strength of the connector.

Expansion connectors are made by adding movement / fixing elements (bolts and screws) inside which, when pulled, expand the connector, compensating for any dimensional defects in the pipes and, at the same time, increasing the friction force between connector and pipe and consequently the resistance to slipping.

Currently on the market there are different types of connectors for the various shapes of the tubes.

The existing systems to date are:

- Connectors with a tensioning element at his end

- Expansion systems with incorporated traction element


The operation of our Fenix ​​Connectors is the same as the second system mentioned above, except the fact that they are made with multiple sections.

The advantages of our connectors compared to those available on the market and indicated above are:

  • nut / draft screw housing caged in a single block (not removable)
  • plug and play the detail does not require assembly operations by the user
  • the seal remains unchanged when the screw is removed (for nut model)
  • being made with more than two expanders, it increases the ability to equalize the tolerance of the tube

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