The delivery of your orders

The delivery can take place at the warehouse of FENIX TEK SRL at the times indicated in the Order Confirmation, only for those Customers who have agreed on this method in their respective conditions. The Customer will receive an e-mail notification when he can collect the Products from the Warehouse.

For the Buyer who is not already a Customer, the delivery of the Products will take place in a standard way by Shipping by courier to the address indicated when completing the forwarding of the Order. 

The transport costs vary according to the total weight of the shipment. 

We recommend that you group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, therefore shipping costs will be charged for each of them. 

The Buyer acknowledges and accepts that the delivery of the Products will take place ex-works at his own expense and risk pursuant to art. 1510, paragraph 2, of the Italian Civil Code and the Company as Seller is not liable for damage or loss of the Product during transport. Your parcel will be sent at your risk, but special attention will be paid to the packaging. 

The Seller will not be able to accept Orders concerning Delivery or Shipping requests beyond 6 (six) months from submitting them. 

In the event that the Purchaser is qualified to request Delivery to the FENIX TEK SRL Warehouse and omits and / or delays the collection of the Products purchased, the Company, without prejudice to the other remedies required by law, including the termination of the Contract, reserves the right to deposit the Products, on behalf and at the expense of the Purchaser in a public deposit, pursuant to art. 1514 c.c.